volpe trombone studio

Music is steeped in tradition but I understand that each person learns differently.
Join my studio and receive individualized instruction!
Students from my program are not only top-tier musicians, they are prepared to shape the future of music into the most inclusive and expansive field it can be. 
I work with beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
My teaching philosophy is rooted in a learn-by-ear approach that encourages great musicianship, solidifies
excellent listening skills and develops a secure foundation on the instrument.

I have helped my students achieve goals such as:

  • Earning a place in the all-state band conference

  • Performing a solo recital

  • Mastering ensemble music

  • Learning tunes by ear

  • Achieving proficiency of all major and minor scales and arpeggios

... and much more!


We will work together to achieve your goals.

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I believe that music is for everyone but not everyone can afford to invest in music


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I have a huge passion for teaching and I am accepting new students!

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trombone studio parents & guardians 


"Her creative explanations and positive attitude keeps our son motivated and engaged!"

- Liz Griffin (parent)


I am grateful for guardians like you who seek out opportunities for their children to learn and succeed. 

I understand that there is a support system behind each private lesson: you.  

I value communication and I want to involve you in your young musician's progress. 

let's talk details

  • Lessons range from 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Lessons are taught via Zoom - meeting link provided upon booking

  • I have flexible / weekend scheduling

  • I send lesson recap emails to students and families after each lesson


Use my contact page to send me an email.